Wednesday, November 14, 2007

UN Millenium Development Goals: Poetry

By Tiina Mustakangas-Laukka

How do you feel about the UN Millenium Development Goals? Be creative and write a poem(s) about UN Millenium Development Goals.

A Poem "Like a Bird Singing" written by Amanda Fawcett, Jordan Stayer, Kaitlyn Andrew & Hilary Fisher, Medina High School, and sung by Essi Kujala & Helmi Alatalo, Haukipudas High School. Guitar: Mikael Kujala.


Tommi said...

Death of people

Disease spreading trough jungle,
from filth it rumbles.
Ruminating a million people,
people who have nothing.

Then arrives our hero pope,
with rubbery magic hope.
Use this our holyness says,
and you won't get sexually transmitting disease,
proper protection ends this case!

Tommi said...

Party of powerty

Innocent virgins with out vaccinations,
as an exibition of all rich nations.
Joyfully falls reality,
like a child immortality.
Diarrhea kills in Niger,
comming from unclean water.
Reduce child mortality,
childhood fatality.

Jenny said...

UN Millenium Development Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

It is very important to everybody
and it has every kind of tastes.
25,000 people die of hunger
without food you feel anger.
Every day you can get a dish
if you really wish.

By: Jenny and Amanda

amo said...

UN Millenium Development Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Equality, is it so big a thing?

Men get all, women nothing
Is it really right?
Boys are rich, smart and free
When girls can’t live as they might.
Do women have to pay a fee
when they want to be free
like a swan on a light blue sky.

by Jenni Kouvala

amo said...

UN Millenium Development Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Biggest problem in the world
Killing people, causing wars
Sad, angry, disgusting
This unending misery

by Klaus and Lauri

amo said...

UN Millenium development goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases

People die
nobody cares
life isn’t fair

we should care
because they need care
they don’t want to die
because we don’t make up our minds.

People are dying
and we are still lying
about the situation in developing countries

They get HIV
we say SIT
we have no time to help
but, you know,
life isn’t just us
what we wear or what we ate
so stay in touch
tomorrow it might be late

by Pirita and Sanna

amo said...

UN Millenium Development Goal 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education

The way

I can’t read or write,
what I can do?
Without education,
I don’t have so much so many opportunities in my life.
I am a girl
and I suffer of it.
The life propels me and I can’t affect to it.
I only wish that I could get the education
and I could find a my own way.

By Minna Vainio

Artsi said...

UN Millenium Development Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases

Was it you? Was it me?
That gave to the world this disease
It is lethal, it is sore
For development countries it is a whore
Luckily, that can be bought
In rich countries, we have money, we have drugs
The poorest countries have only rags
Combat against AIDS will be lost
If we don’t give the drugs

Samuli & Arto

Henri said...

Truth of day

Give man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach man to fish and he dies to mercury poisoning

amo said...

Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases

Lives are light
We have to decide
How we might
Make things right
For everyone, black and white

by Niko Raappana, Niko Honkanen, Kasperi Kujala

Sami said...

UN Millenium Development Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Big ball in empty darkness,
Like a big rubbish can full of blindness,
And full of filthy,
But who is guilty?

Vellu and Sami

amo said...

UN Millenium Development Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Can you imagine life without food?

It really can’t feel so good.

Can you imagine life without money?

It isn’t sweet like honey.

Millions of people live like this

Can you think what they miss?

Life without children and wife

It’s not the greatest life.

If you don’t appreciate food you can get,

Poor children’s eyes go wet.

So eat that fish,

or you are selfish!

-tiia pelkonen, reetta hellgren

amo said...

Child mortality in developing countries

Died before the age of five
Hadn’t clean water had no food
Body was thin and stomach was empty
He wasn’t healthy.

What should we do?
They need more information
Vaccinations, healthcare, doctors
They need education

And they need us

How can it be possible?
We’re wondering in here where
we have all what we need

Think twice before you say you don’t care
Because we need to help those who are there

by Helmi

amo said...

UN Millenium Development Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Would you like to live in a slum
Look like a scum
All the time hunting bread
Always afraid to tread
So if you don’t want others suffer
Give them clean water

by Niko Jussila

amo said...


Like a disease,
which kills all around the world.
It causes hungry and much more
This isn’t a one mans war
so do you give up
give your support?

by: Harri ja Erik

Jassu said...

Angels in Agony

Angels are crying
When we ger higher.
Our souls will be buried away
In hell.

People are dying
Because of our greediness,
Our desired of acquiring and possessing
More than we need.

We burn our souls
While we destroy their lives,
The existence of the people
In the third world.

Let's celebrate our lives
While we are alive!
Let's enjoy ourselves
In a minor key!

by Jasmiini Vallivaara

Anonymous said...

World collide

High hopes never turn out fine
When the people hate and lie

Our worlds keep on crashing
And we think we are can live whit it

But still there is a little more
Blood and core

That we ever could imagine
And we just can't cope whit it

amo said...

All those diseasies
in this world of inequalities
no chance to change
or place called safe
All those innocent people
became the pawns to this cruel playing field
who's the guilty?
who to blame?
It's in ourselves
we must change

Jari Körkkö

Samuli said...

Little, black angel falls
right through the soft clouds,
onto the hard ground
Dies of hunger

The mother suffers from diseases
Won’t endure for long,

At the same time
On the other side of the world
A man eats his third meal of the day,
telling he almost died of hunger

Jyrki said...

Children, our future.
Children, our hope.
They are dying there,
somewhere far away.
Because we don't see them,
we don't care to help.
Because we don't hear them,
we don't care to help.
Because we can't touch them,
we don't care to help.
Even if we should...

Anonymous said...

UN Millenium Development Goal 1:
Erandicate extreme poverty and hunger

anybody shouldn’t be hungry
everybody becomes then angry
someone lives without food
and that is never good

amo said...

Freedom of religion

Freedom of religion, what to think about it?
Isn’t it the same as the freedom of mind as we understand it?

Can one be convinced to believe in something one thinks is not true,
can you believe in something you haven’t thought through?

If someone told you what to believe in,
would you think that your former life has been a sin?

Could you bury your original, own and individual thoughts of world,
to believe some other nations religious word?

If the answer is no,
always remember some people don’t have a chance to choose to.

Anja Halonen

amo said...

She lost her life,
to give birth for new one,
hopelessly she fought
and now there’s just one miserable son,
she didn’t die for nothing,
but she either didn’t need to,
she could have had some help
the son should have his mom,
maternal love is priceless,
so shall we save the loveless sons
and heal desperate moms,
trying is the least we can do.

Riku Tolonen

Arto said...

No food
No water
But diseases more than anywhere in the World

No education
No equal rights
That’s what is like to live in Africa

No good healthcare
No money
They need our help

By Arto

amo said...

Enough diseases
Rusty water

Conscious Youth?

by Marianna

amo said...

The Earth,
big ball in trouble,
is like a little bubble,
suffering from us,
we are like terminators,
the earth crying,
but we only laughing,
we don`t care,
even if the earth needs it.

by Arttu

amo said...

why don’t they end?
There is also
so why don’t we help?

Education is a matter of life and death.
It belongs to everyone,
so give me opportunity
to have one

There is millions of people without food,
they are so hungry and live in woods.
Think about that when you are so fat
and they are so sad

By: Anni and Laura

amo said...

Life is so unfair
Some things are so far away
Food is unusual thing
People are hungry
And they are in a hurry
They don't have wristwatches
They don't have time
to look around them
Nobody ever knows
what Earth is saying!

By Antti

amo said...

UN Millenium Development Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health


Mom, why did you leave me? World is so empty without you.

There is nobody, who I can tell my secret and everyone is bulling me. Why aren’t you here defending me?

I hope you feel comfortable there in heaven. I miss you.

by Essi

amo said...

I should do
Should I do

What have they done to me?

that's right, nothing.

So why?

I'll tell you why.
We have the chance
to do something.

We have the money,
we have the equipment,
to do something.

So why are we hesitating
to do something?

We should do
We should help

So that everyone
can have a good life.

Is it fair
that only us
have a good life?

We should do
We are ment to do

By Jarno

amo said...

Too many children die
before they are five.
Can someone tell why?

I can tell, you can tell:
Because of dirty water.
Because of little food.

What would you do
without any food?
Do what you have to do.

By Sofia

Elmo Rautio said...

Half the man

I looked in her eyes
while thinking what I see
Is she just a half of me?
- what else could she be?

So was it then I was a boy
so it is now when I'm the man
Why is she worse than me
just because she is woman?

The equality of sexes
- why sould we even think about it?
Isn't it men's world we're living
Can't they just accept it?

In that time that place that moment
can't we just stop behaving like a whore
Is mother just like any person for all of us
- or is she little more?

I wonder why we keep understandin this world.

Shulam said...

Abandoned from all hope,
I've become lone and cold,
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes,
Silence only mourns my demise

by Samuli

Anonymous said...


These make us wonder, is there a God.

Elias ja Jenni

Anonymous said...


these are the things we believe will save the world,
here is the recipe,
but why aren’t there
enough pharmacies
for this recipe

Jenni ja Elias

amo said...

Poor African girl

She is lacking of drinking water
She is suffering from diseases
She has HIV and malaria
She has Cholera

She has no parents
No one to help

She has been lucky to live
Altough it's all been such a pain

Is there someone to help
Aren't they human beings like you,

Jani Kaipainen

amo said...

Maternal health

She is a young girl
growing up in a big world
Can't see the danger
can't feel the threaten
no one give a warning
she has been beaten
help when you can
help cause you know how

Mika Körkkö

amo said...

Poor and hungry

Poor people need more money
To be able to buy some honey

If they have to wear rugs
They might start using drugs

If the poor guy dies
He gets eaten by the flies

If there is no food
You won't end up good

Oskari Auranaho

Marjaana said...

First of all I´d like to say,
that there is no other way,
to do the thing we´re ment to do,
hurry up and make a move,
because if that´s not what we´ll do,
it may be late to cure the flu,
which eats right through the human bone,
When one doesn´t have a needed home,
when one gets to eat nothing more,
than only trash from the floor,
Sleep right under the open sky,
no means to change, eaven dry,
to make theirself a better life,
be left alone, hoped to die,
now is the time to realize,
help is what we have to do,
after all, that could be you.


amo said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Poverty is inhumane
And so is the plague

Poverty is a thing bad
Poverty is a reason of sad
Poverty is someones dad
Poverty is birth
Poverty is death

Henri and Santtu

amo said...

Poverty is a big problem,
what we can do then.
Let’s help the poor people.
African people is underpaid,
only cause western people determined.
We all can make the world better,
so let’s help the others together!

by Janne

amo said...

Aids kills
It hurts
Doesn’t it?
So help them.

by Henri

amo said...

We need each other.
We should help each other.
One day we`ll need help
like the people we are taking advantage of.

By Katja

amo said...

Some of us were sentenced when we're born
With nowadays' new pague life is torn
And everyone you know will past away
We're seeking for a strenght to star another day

Stopping the war always means continuing life
So many pray for surviving through a night
We have to say a farewell to our arms
It's such a treasure when you know that no-one dies

A sacred child world may often be destroyed
When 13-years-old keep creating joy
For western world, which become more beautiful
While million are craving for go to shcool

The tree of life just must be growing on
And just no-one can be left alone
We must help each other to make it real
Be tolerant and kind isn't so big deal

by Dmitri

amo said...

For me it's matter of course that I can go to school every day

but there is million children who don’t think that way

These children’s one hope is to get education and they are always patient.

“Maybe some day I can go to school and I don’t have to work anymore, that would be cool.”

It would be nice to help these poor kids but I can’t do it alone

so we have to fight together to get these children to school, right?

Now you are thinking how to do that thing,
hey aren’t your bells ringing?

We just have to work hard for it, then we make these kids happy!

by Alina

amo said...

It’s Monday morning,
alarm clock is ringing
“Oh, I don’t want to go to school.
I want to stay at home, studying nothing.”

Somewhere, in the same morning,
little girl is thinking.
“Oh, how I hate working all day.
I don’t want to be here, want to learn reading!”

by Eeva

amo said...


People die of hunger everyday
Well, that ain’t cool
What should we do?
We should send food packages
That’ll do

by Antti T.

amo said...

Primary school

There is no primary school,
children just hang on to hood.

If children have hope,
they don't need rope.

If you can't read or write,
go to school or hide.

There is no computers,
which can help the users.

By Atte

amo said...

If you are hungry you need food.
If you are thirsty you need water.
But even if you are smart you
need to have a right to go to school
And everyone who has right to go to school
should help others to get it too.

Kasper Åman

amo said...


Where could you drink,
where could you eat?
That is something
African people think.

If you don’t have water,
you will dry.
Just pray our Father
and don’t say goodbye.

by Tanja

amo said...

Stilet metaphor

Once upon a time there was a man
very rich and highly civilized man
who was always ready to work long hours
even over late night jam.
I think he got something about it.

There were days and there were nights
he worked harder all the time
holidays of winter and holidays of summer
And no breaks in spring or autumn either.
He was a good man.

But then came that day that changed his life
He got robbed by a desperate man
With a stilet in his throat
he had to think about his life
Was he good enough to die tonight?

What was he thinking? ask I to you.
About his car and big wallet?
His civilization or long work hours?
That he has complished everything in his life?
So he was happy - right?

Or was he thinking something different?

by Elmo Rautio

amo said...


AIDS is bad
It makes people sad
HIV is a virus
It can lead to Aids
Malaria is near
It kills more than one million people in a year

by Pekka

amo said...

If you can't go to school
You will end up poor

If you are poor
You can't get food

If you don't get food
That is just not cool

by Santtu M

amo said...

If you don`t want to go to school
you certainly are a fool.

Without an education
you can never have a vacation.

Getting into a university
can be your once in a lifetime opportunity.

by Mikko M

Anonymous said...

There is this one thing in this world,
that I can´t put my fingers on,
I´d like to fight it with my sword,
but I can´t put my armor on,
This thing is still going on,
like there is no tomorrow,
like this little thing going on,
has done to many humans now,

needless to say,
that there is no way,
that we could help,
with just a jelp,

so if we want to make this stop,
we have to really think it´s wrong,
And put in all our might,
eaven if it means to fall from high,
from our perfect little lives,
where no one ever really dies,
And open our eyes,

there is this sorrow,
there is this filth,
there is this horror,
there is this wilt,

So if we want to make,
this world a better place,
we need to pick up our shining swords,
by all the meanings of the words,
And little by little fight it of,
this horrible thing thats going on.

amo said...


Be harder, better, faster, stronger,
than U can help a hungry stranger.
Food, water, bread and meat,
where we got something to eat?
What we can do for dieing, for them
that is our problem again.
25,000 people will die in day
where we are, in startpoint anyway.
Be fast, be better, good and sweet
and get something what they want to eat.
Give food, water and bread
and all what they need.
Be good, do it well
U will get price,
and feel good for them.

Marius Malvalehto

amo said...

Brown drinking water,
what about father,
many people die
That’s not a lie
Live without food
It’s not good
If you want to help
You can’t pretend.

- Anni -

amo said...

You sit on a school chair year after year
and sometimes do your homework almost with tears.
However, there is nothing why you should fear,
you can do what you want, now and coming years.

What would you do
if you can't go to school?
Would you like to spend your youth
working instead of studying at school?

We all should think a bit
and remember these few tips:
Don't be so discontented
you should be contented.
You can read, you can write,
you don't know what is it like
to be so poor
that you can't even go to school.

By Heli

amo said...

Food for the hungry,
water for the thirsty,
health for the suffering,
education for children,
happy life for everybody,
all we have to do is help each other.

Sami M.

amo said...


I think they have not enough food,
I think their life is no actually good,
I think their haleness is very bad,
I think that makes me very sad,
I think they live in fear,
I think they don’t see everything clear,
I think if we give them a little help, their life would be much better.

by Jani K.

amo said...

Your help is needed

There are bones in Africa that need flesh
What about water which is fresh?

It’s horrible when reality hits
What have they done to deserve this?

Instead of all that sorrow
You can always dream of a better tomorrow

by Siiri J.

amo said...

Poverty and hunger
are more than you think
but maybe you can be a helper
as people are starving here

by Harri

amo said...

I’m just a poor little girl.
I’m not allowed to go to school. But why's that?
Is there something wrong with me?
My brother is only a poor little boy. And he IS allowed to go to school.
Am I worse somehow?
How am I gonna live if I can't get a job?
If I get a job, is it good?
Do I get paid for it?
I know my brother does.
But that's my future.
I'm gonna spend my life trying to survive. Trying to stay alive. Without any right to live.
That's my life.
A life of a poor little girl.

by Laura

amo said...

Eradicate extreme poverty & hunger

In some countries they have to eat roots to stay alive,
But we have food to share.
Some people have a lot of money,
And some people can only hope of money.
Why not to give those who have nothing.
by Joonas

amo said...


No school, no home
no place where to go
no food what to eat
no room where to sleep
for you it's a dream
not true may seem
but see, it's real
sick people need heal
hungry mouths need food
will they get it, depends on you.
-by Antti

amo said...

Poor and hungry people are struggling whit their lives, while we in here, are too happy to see them suffer. We could do something about it, everybody wants it, no doubt about it. But we want to spend our money to ourselves, after nothing is left, we can´t help them and we cause them a death.

-by Mörkö

amo said...

When you have hunger
you can take some food
You can´t take any food
You only have dirt and wood in front of you
You can only dream
How tastes cream