Sunday, April 19, 2009


Over this spring we established a new contact. We are happy to include Jangwani Secondary School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in our network.

Jangwani Secondary School is among the oldest schools in Tanzania. It was started on May 28th, 1928, in the colonial times when Tanzania was under British rule. It was formerly an Indian School admitting Indian students only. Later on, after Tanzania got its independence, all schools were transferred from the hands of private owners to the government.

There are three government girl schools in Dar es Salaam city. Jangwani Secondary School is one of them. It has 1500 students.

Students that study the Advanced Level take
PCB-Physics, Chemistry and Biology
CBN-Chemistry, Biology and Nutrition
EGM-Economics, Geography and Mathematics
HGE-History, Geography and Economics
HKL-History, Kiswahili and English language.

The school has 120 teachers and 35 members of non-teaching staff. It is a double session school as it has boarding students and day students. The school also takes disabled students. There are almost 400 students who are orphans. They have lost their parents (HIV, AIDS) and thus need financial assistance.

One difficult problem that this school has is the lack of an Internet connection. Getting one takes a lot of money but hopefully Haukipudas Upper Secondary School can help our friends in Tanzania with that issue in the near future.

- by John Bosco (Tanzania) and Anja Moilanen (Finland)