Monday, March 14, 2011


My name is Fatuma Msechu, a disabled student from Jangwani Girls Secondary School.

Aid from Haukipudas Secondary School has made my life very comfortable here at school.

I had paid for my school fees, bought some stationery for academic purpose and obtained my personal needs. Also your money has made me getting the bus fare for going home during holidays and coming back to school.

Financially I am very poor. I can’t even afford getting my basic needs; some times I have been asking help from the headmistress and Mr. BOSCO who have been very kind to me now and then.

I had no idea when Mr. BOSCO advised me to look for the financial Aid from people whom I don’t know and I have never met before but Mr. BOSCO is a very good man. He made all his personal effort to find me sponsors and finally he gave me the good news that Madam Anja from Haukipudas Secondary School in Finland has agreed to work for my problem finding me sponsorship from her school. I was very happy though it was just like a day dream to me till I got the money Euro 273 from your school. That is the day when my dream became true.

You have really made me to be sure that now I can finish my form IV studies this year as I cleared all the debts by paying the school fees and other necessary contributions for all previous three years. Thus I am kindly asking you to help me again for only this final year of my studies so that I can complete my studies in October this year.

Mr. BOSCO told me that you are coming next year. I really welcome you all to our country and I am expecting to meet you here at school as I am sure I might come back for further studies at this school.





This report presents a brief review and appraisal on the progress of the relationship between Jangwani Secondary school in Tanzania and Haukipudas Secondary school in Finland. Jangwani secondary school is among the members of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network in the country; coordinated by UNESCO National Commission of The United Republic of Tanzania.

Through Jangwani Secondary School’s membership, the UNESCO National Commission managed to link and establish strong friendship ties between Jangwani and Haukipudas secondary schools. Under this mutual relationship, Jangwani secondary school has managed to receive a total of Euro 1073 from its sister school (HAUKIPUDAS) which was sent through UNESCO National Commission Office. The amount is for financial and technical support to the school. The money was used as follows:

The money under review was spent as follows:

Euro 800/= equals to Tshs.1, 388,990/96 for buying Hard Disks. The school managed to buy 20 pieces of IDE 40 GB Hard Disks from RAAM COMPUTERS LTD for Tshs.1,100,000/= and installed them in the school computers. The installation cost was Tshs.200, 000/=. Euro 273/= equals Tshs.455,277/68 was Financial support to the form three Disabled student Fatuma Msechu for payment of school fees, Transport (on holidays) and pocket money.

All the installed computers are currently working and are in access to both students and staff members as per school schedule. Furthermore, Fatuma Msechu, the disabled student is in form four this year and is expected to complete her ordinary level studies in November, 2011. She greatly enjoys the financial support and has expressed her appreciation.

In general the achievement attained through this relationship is highly appreciated by the school community, UNESCO National Commission, the government and the society at large. There have been collective efforts by all stake holders who work tirelessly at the school level i.e. Jangwani and Haukipudas; the governments of the two countries and UNESCO, for sustainable development of young generation.

We are greatly indebted by this kind deed and we pray that our friendship continues. Welcome to our beautiful country, Tanzania in 2012.

Find enclosed herewith, the receipts of the expenditure

Hope to see you soon.

Faithfully yours,