Wednesday, November 14, 2007

UN Millennium Development Goals: Art Cards

UN Millenium Development Goals: Art Cards

Be creative and design cards for UN Millenium Develoment Goals. You may use any material and equipment you like!

Haukipudas art teacher Kaisa Annala had her students design cards with the UN Millennium Goals in mind:

Let´s save the world!

Art Diploma:
By Katja Manninen

By Katja Manninen

By Katja Manninen

By Päivi Heikkinen

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amo said...

Designing a card is not only fun, it can make a difference. Show others how you see things!

We may print some of your cards and raise money by selling them. Sounds good, doesn´t it?

This is also something that Medina and Haukipudas could do - another joint art project!