Wednesday, November 14, 2007

UN Millenium Development Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

By Tiina Mustakangas-Laukka

Compared to men, women have a weaker position almost everywhere in the world. They are undervalued and overemployed. Countries should focus more on girls’ education, and women should have the same rights as men to make decisions at home and e.g. in politics.

What if you never learned to read and write only because you were a girl? And for the same reason, what if you never had your own money or other possessions? What does equality mean to you? Why should boys and girls have the same possibilities to go to school? How true is equality at your school? At your house? Are there men’s and women’s jobs? Which ones? Why? Do boys and girls always need to do the same things? Why? Which typical profession of the opposite sex would you like to have? Why would it be impossible/possible? What can you do to help all the girls of the world to go to school?
(The Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


medinahaukipudas said...

By Katri Pohjanen & Maikki

It’s not fair that your gender tells your position in society because nobody can decide their own gender. Everybody should have the same starting-point and the opportunity to decide of their own life.

Every country doesn’t have equality between men and women. Girls are less educated than boys and girls have severe difficulties to have job. Women and girls work hard at home when men and boys study and work at offices for example. The domestic work is underappreciated. How can we make it better?

We don’t think that society should favour girls and women more than boys but equalize the genders. Favouring only females would lead in a same situation but the parts had changed. To achieve the equality society should offer education to women who had missed it. Every child should have the opportunity to have education, at least the basic school.

Niko Karonen said...

In poor countries it’s almost impossible that woman can get secondary education and hard to get even primary education. Many of the women had to do household chores and raise their little siblings because their parents are usually dead or seriously sick. And many girls get their first baby when they are so young. So there isn’t much time to get an education. Families are also very poor and can’t educate all of their children. Schools and all book and other equipments should be free.

medinahaukipudas said...

By Jaakko Siurua

f you ask me, girls should be given the same opportunity to go to school as boys. It should be obvious in every country, and it shouldn't depend on in which country you live, no matter how developing or poor that country might be. If there is enough money to put some children in the school then the first thing should NOT be to choose who get to go to school and who not by their gender. In my opinion, it will be very unlikely to reach this goal in this century because in some religions, for example, Islam, there is a very long way to equality between genders, and it's not going to change by telling them that kind of thinking is senseless (although I think it is senseless).

heidi said...

I can`t even imagine what would happen if someday I find myself in country where I`m just nothing.Because in Finland we don`t have big proplems with equality.Equality mean to me a lot.It is freedom to study what I want and say what I have to say.Maybe biggest proplem in Finland is because we don`t get same pay in worklife because men gets more too many times.

Kassie said...

Men and women should be treated equally. All over the world, countries are having difficulties with equality. Women are being discriminated against. It is not right. Women are just as human as men are. It took the United States government a while to be persuaded into giving women their rights. Women had to fight for what they believed. I think we could get other countries on the right track by suggesting ideas and views. If we get the women to believe in themselves and what they can do, then women will be treated as equal to men. We are all human. What makes men overpower women anyways? Who made this decision? It is all just crazy talk. Women need to fight back. We just got to believe...

amo said...

That´s right Kassie. As they say - if you educate a woman, you educate the whole family. The women take care of their children (and their husbands...) and pass on their knowledge. If women know how to prepare healthy meals, understand how important a clean environment and fresh drinking water is, and realize that also girls deserve an education, things will change.

Brenna Prince said...

Alot think, to go to school because our parents tell us to. We dread going to school because it involves "work" and we would much rather be somewhere else when in fact, if we didn't go to school we wouldn't have an equal opportunity to succeed in life and have a good job to suport our lives. If you think about the childeren who do not have this opportunity to have an equal chance to succeed, i would much rather be able to gain an education. If i could not read or write, i dont know what i would do because even when im not in school, i'm reading something or writing something down everyday. You have to read things to gain information and to stay out of harm. Like for example, stop signs and signs that advise you to stay away or danger signs that warn you to stay out of harm you have to read to understand. It is very unfair and unjust for childeren to not have this opportunity to be tought. I think that if we had funds or donations to support education for these people, we could help quite a bit. We are a more fortunate country and it would be the least we could do to help. If people were just made aware more about this problem, i think many people would be willing to help out and give a little.
(student from Rob Thompson's class )

amo said...

I totally agree that women have a weaker position than men do.
That is not right. We all, men and women, should have the same rights and opportunities in life. I do not understand why in some countries men are considered as a better persons as women. Here in Finland the equality differences aren’t huge and I think that our society is working. If we can live in equal world, why couldn’t everyone else too?
I do not think that anyone has the right to tell you how much you can study, work or earn money. And why do some countries favour men? I think that we women are as capable to breed families as men.
In my opinion increasing equality would make our world into a better place.

Maija Kumpumäki

Taneli and Janne said...

We think there is unequality in world between men and women. That's wrong. Obama can't do anything for it, or other mighty persons.