Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is good life?

The concept of good life cannot be defined, or can it? Is my idea of good life different from yours? Are there differences not only between individuals but also cultures?

To study the matter we launched an international writing project. Students in Finland, Tanzania and the US are writing essays on What is good life. Within the following weeks their ideas will be published here. You're welcome to comment on them!


Sini Luhtaniemi said...

What is good life?

I think the most important thing is that you appreciate your life. Every life is individual and it is more incredible thing than anyone can say.

You need to have the right to be as you want. Good life is happy, but sometimes it is good that you face misfortunes, because after that you may appreciate your life more than before.

There are many things that make you happy: safe living environment, family, friends, hobbies, the right to decide your own business. It is also important that you have chance to study and work when you want, live as you please.

It is good if you have dreams, because without them you may not know what kind of things are important for you.

However, everyone has their own recipe for a good life. It consists of all the elements that you need and you consider important. But I think that life must not be too simple and boring. If it is so callenging, you will not be bored!

Finally, I hope so, you will notice you are glad that you exist.

words 181.

Anonymous said...

What is a good life?

Each and every one of us wants to have a good life. But what does it actually mean? The idea of a good life is hard to define since humans have travelled on this planet more than 400 000 years. What was it back then? How is it now? Everyone has a different vision of it.

I have lived on this planet for almost 18 years and I have got myself a vision of concepts that you will need to have a good life: friendship, peace, health, honor and faith.

Friendship, for you can’t walk this road all by yourself.
Peace, for you can’t live in fear of violence.
Health, for you don’t want to live in suffering.
Honor, so you will be remembered even when you’re gone.
Faith, for it’s the only thing you can trust for sure.

I know that these are only my opinions, but I wish someone would take a better look of them I want to advise people.

Take care of your friends.
Don’t do anything to make anyone feel uncomfortable.
Take care of yourself.
Do something great so future generations won’t forget you. For example, write a book.
Put your faith in what you most believe in.

I hope someday someone will come and say: “You are just the person a person should be.”

Joonas Savolainen 11D Words: 225

Olli Väisänen said...

What is good life?

Everybody have vision of good life. Around world it is very different and even in same country there is big differences. It is not so easy to explain what is needed to have good life, but I am sure we all want to be healthy, get good job and have good friends. Family is also very important, becouse you get support if having hard times in life. Do we need money to be happy? Well it does make life easier and maybe that way happier, but if all is easy then nothing is fun. There is also many small things in good life like hobbies and music. Hobbies help us concentrating to something else than education and work. And music is wery personal and important for most people, becouse it is relaxing, even heavy music is. Having good food is important for many people. So there is many things needed for good life but after all good life is all about attitude, you have good life if it feels like it.

Words 175

Anonymous said...

What is good life?
Life is the best time of human. And it is the only time for everyone. That is way we have to think wisely how we spend our time.
A key to good life is one simply thing which is happiness. But what is happiness? I would say that happiness comes from five different things that are: fine economy-situation, good relationships, hobbies, enjoyment and seclusion. When you have fine economy-situation you can capitalize your hobbies and constrain working. Also money is a way to get to fine relationships: none likes a bum. After this we can conclude: relationships can give you enjoyment. Simply to say is that enjoyment is happiness. If you can enjoy your life that means you are happy. And if you are happy that means you must have a good life.
Someone can have enjoyment from a lot of working. But I will not prefer this message. After all you have to make sure that life is just the way you want it to be. I will stop this agitation with little deja-vu according to this text: “That is way we have to think wisely how we spend our time.”

Total words: 190
Juuso Syngelmä 11D
November 6th, 2012

Anonymous said...

What is a good life?

Life is an amazing thing. It is the most important thing for every person in the world. But what “a good life” actually mean? Does it mean happiness? Or wealth? Here is my opinion.

If I’m having a good life, it means I’m happy. It means that I have to be able to do what I want and be free. For example, I love food and sports. So if I’m able to watch good football match and eat great food at the same time, I’m having a blast!

That’s only a small thing for a good life. People also need friends, family and all kind of socialization. But this is different with different people. Some people want to party hard with a lot of people, and some people just want to hang out with a couple of friends. Also, the dreams of own families are different. Some people want to have even over five children, when others maybe don’t even want kids.

Good job with good co-workers is also a important thing. Having fun and not gaining stress while working is a great way to have fun every day.

Own interests, like for me, sports and videogames, are really important. If I’m not able to do what I like, it makes me really mad. So keep doing what you love, people!

But the most important thing is to enjoy from every small thing that life brings to you. Have fun!

Words: 251

Niko Skarp

Tia Heinonen said...

What is good life?

Life is good when you actually enjoy it. Everybody has something that makes life liveable. I can say many reasons why my life is good. Here comes a few of them
I have family and home where I can be just like I want to be and I do not have to be afraid.
I also have great friends and they really listen to me when I have problems. I can trust them.
In my opinion, it is very important
to feel yourself beloved.
Of course I appreciate a safe living environment, health and education. It is sad but true that money is also important thing in good life. Food, clothes and even the schoolbooks cost money. But money is not the most important thing.
These couple things make me happy and everytime when life is kicking me, I start thinking of these basic things which are well in my life. It gives me some perspective. (words 157)

Anonymous said...

What is good life?

For me good life means something that you can not describe, because it depends what mood you are on and what your needs are. So meaning changes every day. For me some basic things make my life good. Those things are food, rest and social relationships. I also enjoy playing football and usually after training's I feel that I am having a good time on my life. There are also few other things that can make you´r life even better. For example I feel great every week when weekend starts on Friday. But those special things are not so common, so my advice is to make most of that when it is possible. Those little things and some primary needs combined make a good life. That is my recipe for good life. Of course this is just my opinion and there are other things that make people enjoy they life. If you like doing something, do it because that makes life living for.

Words: 164

Kasperi Koskimäki

Tommi B. Karvonen said...

What is good life?

Good life is something that we all reach for, but what is good life made of? In my opinion, good life consists of these basic elements: health, family, friends and will to make your life good. If you these things in right balance, you can enjoy your life.
You don't need all the fancy things to have a good life, you just have to look your life from the right perspective and enjoy everything you have! And of course I have to use this cliche; Money doesn't make you happy, spending the whole life rich but alone isn't enjoyable.
Mostly good life is just living in the moment, you should be happy about even the smallest good things happening to you, its all about the attitude! It's important to be comfortable with yourself. Believe in yourself and do things your own way and don't let other people decide anything for you, be your own life master!
Concept of good life is a mental thing, live your life as its fullest and enjoy, and you will have a good life!

Words: 183

Jake Liebler said...

What is a good life?
Terve, My name is Jake Liebler. I am 17 and from Medina, Ohio, United States.

A good life is a life in which one does not have much to worry about. A life of peace and contentment and doing what you love. For me, I am the happiest when I am doing something that pleases me. That would be playing tennis, watching sports, or hanging out with friends. Another aspect of having a good life is not having to worry about surviving. Many people throughout this world struggle each day to try to obtain necessities such as food and water. I have never had to experience something like this. Every day when I go home there is food in the fridge and clean water running from the faucets. I am extremely lucky to have this privilege. A good life is also being able to work and to have a good job. My parents have this and are able to provide for my family. Instead of them working for food and clothes, they now work for wants instead of needs. I also have a job, but again, because I want to earn spending money not because I need to be the provider for my family. I am extremely lucky to have the life that I have, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I am living the good life.

Words 226

clefan007 said...

What is a good life?

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming -- WOW-- What a Ride!"
This quote, in my opinion, is a guideline to a good life. We should not go through life, worrying about everything and being nervous. Instead, we should leave “nothing on the court” and go for whatever we want to do in life. If you want to ask out that girl, go for it. If you want to buy that Dodge Viper, go for it.

A Cross Country race can also be an analogy for life. If one is too conservative with saving one’s legs throughout the race, one will have too much left in the tank at the end. If one goes out hard and pushes oneself throughout, yes, you will be in pain and hurting, but you will know you went as fast and as hard as you could go. There is another famous quote “The best pace is Suicide, and today is a great day to die”. We can’t “save” for future life, so do whatever we can when we are able, because when we get older we will regret not doing everything we were able to do when we could do those things.

Christopher Liatti
Medina, Ohio, USA

Regan Donoughe said...

I believe a good life entitles many different things. Not only that, but it is different for everyone, and changes as you grow. For some people a good life would be to own the next big electronic, for some it would be having a place to stay, for some having a puppy may be what it takes to have a good life. It really depends on the position of the person; also it depends on the age. To a five year old, a good life would be having all the toys he/she wants. To a high school student it may be to get into a good college or to be invited to the biggest party of the year. To a college graduate having a good life may include having a good job, a significant other, and a nice family. Likewise to someone who drops out of school it may be to find ways to make more money and provide better for them.
In my eyes, from where I am in life and what I’ve accomplished so far, a good life would be to be successful. There are many different way to define success, I would define it as going to college, getting a good job doing what I want to do, getting married, and having a family. All o f those things combined would define a successful life for me. Not only that though but I want to be able to raise a good family and give my kids the tools they need to create their own definition of a good life like my parents were able to do for me.

Lauren Takacs said...

What is a good life?
Life is a God given gift and is the best time for a human. We take life for advantage and never really experience the stuff we want to experience. We wish our lives goodbye and sit back and watch the world change right in front of our eyes. A good life is taking each day as what it is and cherishing every moment you have. You as a human get so many choices in life and some have more choices then others. A good life is spent with the ones you love and the friends you keep for your entire life. Everyone wants to find that prince charming in their lives so they can spend the rest of their life with them. A good life is making the right decisions whether it is getting a good job, having a family, or making a difference in the world. Everyone should feel that satisfaction in life that they accomplished something good in their lives. When spend to much time on politics, wars, the economy, and getting back at each other when we should be spending that time laughing until our bellies hurt and doing the things we love with whom we love. We only have one life to live and why not do everything we want to do before time runs out. If you want to jump out of an airplane or try to eliminate world hunger or travel the world, then you are the only one that can make it happen. If you want to live every moment and cherish every second, then that is what a good life is.

Anonymous said...

What is good life?

In my opinion that is an eternal question and due to this there is never going to be right answer for that. We all have some concepts what good life includes, usually things like health, enough food and water and that there is someone loving you. But then there are the differences between us. Some of us appreciate big family while others are having a time on their dream jobs, our decisions and opinions determine our concept of dream life.

People who have some killing disease might have very different wishes for their lives because the lifespan is not so high. The life is now and it may be gone tomorrow. There are researches what show they are mostly happier than people with good condition. I think it is because they wait too much, both timely and materially. Just sitting and doing normal daily routines and expecting something big to happen. Come on, nothing great will ever happen if just wait for it. People with shorter lifespan are happier because they cannot wait the highlight of the life. They have to enjoy everything they have in this moment.

When I am dying I do not care am I old or young, healthy or succeed. Only thing I care is have I done things I have had change. I have a good life now, not thinking tomorrow that much I used to think. There are missing a lot of things I want, but that makes my life good, I like getting new experiences.

Like said in one aphorism, I would rather regret what I have done than regret what I have not.

words 271
Ella-Noora Tallgren 11D

Anonymous said...

What is good life?

Everyone has a different vision of good life. Here are some of my thoughts about it.

I think good life is happy and it contains love, friends, family, freedom, positivity and safety. Of course there are many things besides those, but those are the things that make my life worth living.

I am happy to have people who love me. Every time I've been feeling down they've made me feel better again. It's comforting having people around you but sometimes it's also good to be alone for a while. I don't think anyone could survive without a friend or a family.

In my opinion money isn't the key to happiness. Even though it can make many things much easier there still are things you just can't buy. It's better to be loved for who you are than being loved for your money. But still it's necessary for everyone to get along financially.

Happiness depends on your attitude. If you are able to enjoy life's little delights it is a lot easier to be happy and have a good life. When life brings you lemons you should still try to remain positive. Being under captivity of negativity isn't good for anybody.

Words: 201
Henrietta 11A

Brooklynne Estepp said...

It is often portrayed by the media that a good life is one with money and beauty, but in reality you could have all of the money in the world and still not be happy with the person that you are.
It is my belief that a good life is one lived with happiness. Without self-content you cant acquire a fully lived life. A phrase I’ve heard several times throughout my seventeen years is, “You only live once.” This assignment really opened my eyes to this thought. You truly do only live once. When I am on my death bed I want to look back and be happy with the life I lived. I want to be happy with every decision I have made and not have to look back having regrets on my choices. I believe that happiness will get me to that point. If I do what makes me happy then there is no way that I can regret anything I have done.
I believe that is also important for us to make other people happy. Each and every one of us has morals. Our morals are based on our beliefs as a human being and without morals our life would have no purpose. It is our job as humans to find something that interests us and build upon it to satisfy our inner being.
In my lifetime I have made more than a few mistakes but I have learned a lesson from each and every one of them and it has made the person I am today. I believe that if I were to die tomorrow then I might not be fully content with who I am as a person, but I know that I still have tomorrow. I still have one more day to improve myself. One more day, in which I can go out and do the things that make me happy, the people around me happy, and live a good life.

Anonymous said...

Being alive is the greatest life anyone can have. the definition of life itself is being alive and having no regrets. Imagine looking back on your life and regretting something and wishing you could change it all. Would you be happy knowing you have gone through life and regretted something? Life is the capacity for growth, functional activity, and continual change until death. death is obviously not a good life and never will be. Death is the irreversible ending of life. capacity for growth comes with learning new things and wanting to explore the wonders of life. Functional activity goes along with capacity for growth. It allows us to do daily activities and adventures that make our life full. Continual change is the strongest definition of life because it opens us up to changing our personality or our attitude in life towards people. People change everyday and not always for the better or for the worst, but for growth in life to make our lives more full and dynamic to other things. Be lucky you can do these things and appreciate your life.

Abby Kriak said...

“I fall in love with people’s passion. The ways their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love and the way they fill with light.” If you can find that weak knees glowing feeling, you are living a good life. Good is defined as a sound, valid, healthful, refined, worthy, or in excellent condition. All of these words are nouns that could describe the word good. The phrase, ‘a good life’ cannot be defined as each individual word but as a phrase at large. I am a true believer in the saying there is a difference between truly living and existing.
A good life consist of multiple things, starting with yourself.
You must be confident in your own skin to live a good life. I don’t mean the yeah okay I’m not terrible looking. That is comfortable. You must believe that you deserve the moon and the stars, you must believe that if you want it bad enough you are able to achieve it. You must walk in the room like you own the place. These feelings do not have to come off as cocky, but come of through our face and poise. If you think good thoughts, they will radiate and shine through your face.
Step two: “Do what you love, and fuck the rest.”-Little Miss Sunshine
There are certain things that are worth the trouble. Like getting a tattoo before your best friend leaves for boot camp, or sneaking into that bad movie. We only have one life, one chance, to do all of the things we want. We would be holding ourselves back if we did not let ourselves excel and try to reach the happiest place we can be. You can not let yourself settle. You must always keep believing, hoping, and doing everything you do with passion. You must believe in the little things, especially in art. Art lets people go crazy on paper. Without art the earth would be eh.
Step Three: “You must never regret, because at one point in time, everything you did, was exactly what you wanted.”
Life happens every second of every day. It is constantly changing. You cannot regret what has happened in the past, but instead learn from it and grow from it. I know a good life is something different to everyone. To me a good life consist of the things I have written about. Being confident in yourself, giving yourself the okay to do what you love because you know you deserve it. A good life is letting yourself be happy, a good life is what you make it. You are the only one who controls your life, your emotions, you control everything. You must learn to make the best of the situation. It does not matter if the glass is half full or half empty, what matters is that you have a glass and there is something in it, and once you realize this fact about life, you have all the power to lead a good one.

Justin Watkins said...

What is a Good Life?
What is a good life? Well, that’s for you to figure out yourself. My definition will be completely different from the person sitting next to me, but that doesn’t mean either of us is wrong. People will have different views on different things, and the topic of a good life is pretty broad. I may not be able to tell you everyone’s view on a good life, but I can tell you mine.
Keep life simple. I try and do this as much as possible. If you have too many things to worry about, then there is more room for stress and frustration. Even too much of a good thing can be bad. Always try and limit yourself to essentials. Sure a new phone or a pair of shoes never hurt anyone, but avoid buying too much. The fewer things you have, gives less opportunity for mess ups.
Know yourself. Everyone probably assumes they know themselves because, well, it’s you. But do you really know who you are? Do you really know exactly what makes you happy, sad or frustrated? Can you think of every little button that someone can push until you finally snap? Take time to sit down and think solely about yourself. Once you know yourself, things will start to come easier to you.
Be respectful to others. This is pretty much common sense but some people don’t understand this. Being nice to others will make them happy and, in turn, make you happy. Seeing that you put a smile on someone else’s face can brighten up your entire day. Respect other people’s beliefs. It is okay to not agree with them, but don’t shun them for it.
Lastly, have an open mind. Listen to advice from others when it’s given. You don’t always have to take it, but run it past yourself to see if it appeals to you. You never know when someone else’s ideas will be used in your life.
I try and do all of these things in my daily life. I do believe that I live a good life and will continue to do so by following these steps. If you try and implement at least some of these things in your life, then I think it will help you live a very good life.
Justin Watkins, 17, Medina OH

Anonymous said...

What is a good life?
For me it is to live without fear. Everyday I fear of what will happen next. If I could live without fear in general then it won’t stop me from doing anything. I want to get a job and not have to worry about debt and money problems. I don’t want to be rich, but just have enough to pay bills and have food on the table for my family.
A good life means having a family, a husband who loves you and cares about you. Someone to tell your day to, who will accept me for whom I am. To be there when I need to cry on a shoulder. I want my husband to be my best friend. For me and him to have healthy children, this is big one to me because of my family medical history.
A good life can mean anything you want. This is how I am going to make my life, I am determined for it to be like this in every way.

Tori Wolosyn 18

Kara Lorincz said...

What is a good life?

The ideal perfect life is not to measure d by the breathes you take but by the moments that take your breathe away. Live in the moment, not the past and love each second as if it were your last.
Also, wear your heart on your sleeve. Express how you truly feel about those you care and whom surround you, for you may never be given the chance again.
Stay positive and be in control of your destiny and days. If you think you are going to have a bad day you will, stay positive and live each day like it were your last. Inspire those around you with your effortless contagious smile.
Put yourself out there, experience the unknown or you will live with feelings of regret and "what ifs" in life and no one likes those feelings.
Be true to you so you can then be true to others. Most importantly, do not be afraid to be you and show your true colors. Nothing is worse then having people like you for the wrong reasons and not being comfortable in your own skin. Love you so that others can love you too. The world needs more different variations of people to create change, a less biased community.
That is my idea of a perfect successful life.

Arisara Suwanchanchai said...

What is a good life?

It is different for each and every person. Everybody has their own individual wants, needs and desires for making a good life. I think a good life is living happily, having success, love, family, and friendship, to be healthy and to have money. All these thing are important in order to have a good life.

I think living healthily is the most important thing for having a good life. Not every disease can be cured. One example of this is Steve Jobs who was one of the most successful men ever. He was rich and the owner of Apple Inc. but he died when he was 56 years old because of cancer. It is very important to take care of your health and to be healthy.

A good life does not depend on money. People always think that money is the most important thing to having a good life. Actually, this is not true. Money is useful but cannot but happiness. You cannot but love, friendship, a family or good health with money.

Having a good life means that you are happy with your life, based on what you think of your life. If you think your life is good them it is good; if you think your life is bad, then it is bad.

Arisara Suwanchanchai, 17

Marisa Nemerovsky said...

What’s a Good Life?
Everyone has their own definition of a good life. Maybe it’s feeling satisfied or happy at as many times as possible, maybe it’s helping out others, or maybe it’s being able to look back at your life and feeling you've done what you've wanted to do. It’s different depending on where you live, usually. There’s no set in stone idea of a good life. Maybe there’s a general guideline but nothing solid.
To me, a good life is a pretty simple idea. I want to be able to look back on my life and know I've done everything I've wanted to. Whether it is to travel or be successful in my career, have a family or adopt and help as many animals as possible. Adding to that, I want to be happy in those things I want to do. If I get the chance to travel everywhere I want, I want each trip to be something I enjoy. I want my success in my career to be a success that makes me feel good. I want to be able to have a family that has to deal with the smallest amount of stress and hard times as possible. I want to be able to bring pets from a shelter into my home and make their new life better than their last.
On top of all that, though, I believe it’s up to you to make your happiness happen. There’s no avoiding a bad situation, but I think you need to be able to make the best of it. Just thinking positively whether you had a bad day or a bad year is starting on the track of a good life. I believe that life isn't about the things you have but the happiness you have, and it’s up to you to make yourself happy, do the things you want, and have a good life.

Marisa Nemerovsky, 17
from Medina, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Many people have the misconception that a good life means living in luxury of materialistic wealth. That lifestyle however, isn’t the key to having a good life that one can be happy with. One can be satisfied with the materialistic items in their lives. Who wouldn’t want their dream home and enough money to provide for one’s family and give their children every opportunity in the world? A good life though includes more than monetary wealth and achievements; it includes freedom and love.

Freedom of religion and freedom of speech; these are just two of he many freedoms that all citizens of America are guaranteed. What if we didn’t have these freedoms and all the other freedoms that we do possess? Freedom gives one the power to express their beliefs and themselves and human beings. The main freedom that everyone deserves and requires so that they can live a good life is to be a free human. If you “belong” to someone you don’t have the opportunity to do something with your life. Everyone has their own version of a good life; if they aren’t given the chance they can’t have one.

There are a few types of love; to love and be loved by another and a second type of love is to love yourself. You have to love yourself before someone else can love you. Loving yourself for who you are creates happiness within yourself. Once you love yourself you can love and be loved by another. I believe that finding your true love is a key event in life that makes for a good life. You have someone to share all of life’s pleasures and sorrows with; someone who will stay by your side and you can be happy with and have a good life with.

Julianne Guzik, 17, Medina, Ohio

Anonymous said...

What is a good life? For me, the main thing I feel like I would need in my life to make it “good” would to be able to spend my life with someone that has unconditional love for me and I for them. A good life is being able to have a life long adventure with your best friend, through thick and thin. There is always going to be hard times but if you got to spend it with your husband or wife then the problems seem minimal because you are together. Even if the couple is in a rough time, they would still have that love, and that connection. Together they could solve all their problems. Sure, true love in today’s society seems like a fairy tale, but if you look hard enough you can find your soul mate.

Money is never going to buy true happiness. Sure, it may buy possessions like an expensive house, fancy clothes, and plenty of food on the table. But even if you have all these things, what good is it if you don’t get to share it? And you’re always alone? This is what I feel is a good life, getting to have a life long experience with the person you feel like you cannot live without. Even if soul mates do not truly exist there is always going to be that person that feels like they complete you and that without them your life would be nothing. Maybe true love is just a fantasy, but it should be our life goal to find it.

Sam Steiger, 17, Medina, Ohio

Tyler Rydell said...

What is a Good Life?
To many people having the perfect life means having wealth, fame and every material thing that they could have ever wanted. This does seem like the perfect, but for me it is missing one key element and that is having a loving supporting family. A family is not just your parents, it is everyone who really cares about your well being, your aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends. I am lucky that I have just that, friends and family that support me in everything I do, for example motocross, my mom absolutely hates me doing it but because it’s something I love to do she supports me 100 percent.
Another thing that really stresses people out is how can they make the most amount of money, so they can flaunt 100,000 dollar watches. A perfect life for me would be having unlimited amounts of money, although that would be nice, it would be that all of my parents bills are paid every month. Our house would be paid off, all of our cars would be paid off and we can spend more time with our close friends and family. We need to stop worrying about finances and start worrying about living our lives to the fullest while we are still on this earth. Go do something that you would never do, take the dream vacation to the Bahamas, go skydiving ride a bull. Do all the things you have always wanted to do but couldn’t because it was too expensive, and when it’s your time to go you can lay in your death bed saying yes, I lived a good life.
Tyler Rydell

Anonymous said...

What is a good life?
A question that most often can not be defined with a simple answer, even though it is such a simple question. This question truly makes you think about your life in a whole new way, and makes you think about what makes your life, good.
Everyone's outlook on a good life is different, but to me I feel like when you have six key factors in your life everything would almost be perfect.
Purpose: Place your hand over your heart, feel that? It's call purpose. You were put on this earth for a reason, whether you realize it or not, you are meant to be here whether it be to make a small difference, or a huge difference. You can start by accepting who you are, and realizing the little things you do each and everyday matter. Think about a time when you helped out another individual, they'll never forget that small act of kindness you did for them. Think about a time when you made someone smile, they'll never forget the way you made them feel, you never know, they could've been having a horrible day and you made a difference.
Love: What's a life without love? You can't say honestly that you live a good life full of hatrid, it just does not work out that way. You have to love yourself, love your surroundings and aswell as everyone in your life. If you have someone in your life who makes you unhappy, it's simple, you must walk away. You can't live your life wishing things were different, it's up to you to change it.
Forgivness: Having the ability to forgive is incredible. Bad things happen often and there is not a way around them, what's meant to be will find a way and the only option to overcome this is by forgiving. Forgiving the bad things that happen, forgive the people who do you wrong, forgive yourself for the things you can not change.
Happiness: They key to life is happiness.
Strength: In order to maintain a good life, full of purpose, love, forgiveness, and happiness, you must stay strong. You can't ever give up, because giving up means your weak and those with the greatest life are the strongest for they've fought for where they are in life. They never gave up on what they wanted and if you want to have a good life, you wouldn't give up.
and lastly, you need hope. Hope? Think about it. You can't live your life without having hope that no matter what happens today, tomorrow will always be a better day. Once you've hit bottom, you can only go up from there.

Zack Schulman said...

What is a good life?
Zack Schulman a Jew from Medina Ohio…..and I am 17

A good life to most people is having everything you could want in life, like a big house, a nice car, and lots of money. I mean yes it is nice to have all the luxuries in life, but that’s not really what makes a good life. A good life really comes down to you. Basically what you make out of it. If you go to college and get a great job then that’s great, and if you don’t go to college and end up homeless then that’s great too. It’s your life do what you want to do with it, but just remember in the end just live your life and it will be a good one.

Gage Shockley said...

What is a good life? To me it comes down to five simple words; happiness, dreams, excitement, changes, and love.
Happiness. No matter where your life is headed make sure you fill your life with happiness. Go outside, enjoy the fresh air, do something you love, and fill your day with happiness. Surround yourself with a close group of friends you enjoy to be with and can go to for anything.
Dreams. The pursuit of your dream will always be shot down by people in your life. Never stop chasing your dream. When you are truly passionate about something you will pursue it until you are living it. When your miserable sitting behind a desk at a job you hate, you will live a life that you hate also.
Excitement. Each day come into this world being excited about simple things. Things that excite you may be stupid, smart, or just plain out embarrassing. Don’t ever let the things that excite you drift out of your life.
Changes. Very few changes in this world are bad, and very many changes in this world are for the better. Don’t let yourself be scared of change but be excited about change. Always keep one eye open looking for change that leads to a positive outlook.
Love. Always keep the ones you love and cherish close to you. Never let your friends and family out of your life because you believe you hate them or they hate you. Deep down you both need each other. Always remember, a friend will bail you out of jail, but a close friend will be sitting right next to you in that jail cell saying, “We screwed up man.”

Anonymous said...

To me living a good life is determined by personal beliefs, more than societies beliefs. I think finding happiness and contentment with yourself is all you need. You must adapt your life to what’s around you. You must discover what it takes for you to feel complete. It is being able to do as you please. I think a good life requires certain freedoms. This lets you be more independent and lets you take control of your own life. If your life is controlled by something that isn't yourself, then I think you will find it hard to live at peace. Making your own decisions is an important part of living the life you would be most happy with. Making your own decisions is how you put your life in the direction you want to go.
Living a great life definitely comes from a first hand perspective. If you don’t have any money and you’re happy that way, then that’s awesome. Just because you don’t have something like money doesn't mean you live a poor life. If you’re okay with yourself, then that is a happy life. I think that today’s perspective on people has gotten very shallow and people judge each other by how much wealth you have or can obtain. I think that is an inappropriate way of looking at someone. Somebody who has little money can easily be happier, and an all around better person than somebody with millions, but most people will look at the wealthier person as soupier in every way. The only difference between those two people is the millions of dollars. In conclusion I am just trying to say that living a satisfied life completely depends on your own person and who you are.

Words: 291

Adam Vogler said...

What is a good life?
What is a good life? This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer because there are thousands of different answers and everyone has a different opinion. I feel that to live a good life you have to be who you want to be. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life. If you want to try out for the basketball team then why not try out for the team. If you don’t make the team then you can still say that you tried and never gave up on your goal. I think living life to the fullest is the key to a good life. When you are older and you can look back on your life and smile at all of the good times that you have had in your life then I feel that you have lived a good life.
I remember a couple of years ago I watched a movie called Pay It Forward, and the movie was about a young boy who decided to help out his teacher who was going through some hard times. He helped improve the life of his teacher and instead of receiving something in return he told his teacher to pay it forward. I feel that if someone does something life changing to you then you should do the same for someone else. Even if you help the life of just one person this could start a chain reaction and can possibly affect the world. Just the thought that I helped someone in need of help makes my life better. In my opinion this is what it truly means to have a good life.
Adam Vogler, 17, Medina Ohio

Robin James said...

A Good life?
What makes a good life? Why are we here? What is life all about? What is the purpose of existence? For millions of years many people have searched for the answers. They have given us their best guesses, 48, a box of chocolates, happiness, money, family; the list goes on and on. But the question really is what the essentials for a good life are? In searching for an answer, I came across many that caught my eye, all of which had the same necessity that one would need, a virtue. Stated by Aristotle, Plato and Nagel, all renowned philosophers, For a man to live a good life and to be seen as a good man, virtue needs to be his goal or target. They believed that we should not judge a man as good or bad from events, but if a person should be judged it should be on the virtue of the person alone. If all events are taken away, and if virtue is left, then the person lives a good life, if evil is left the person lives a bad life. Virtue is not the means to achieve happiness, but that it is happiness in itself, it shines on its own.
These ideas come together to say that we can create a good life based on our own view point and our own virtue. So what does make a good life? Well the answer is we do. We as humans can make the difference between a perfectly happy or sad life. When we stop striving to be happy, wealthy, or pretty and look back to be thankful for what we have already, when we acquire a true virtue, is when you will have a good life.

Alic Leeson said...

Good life
Written by: Alic Leeson
What is a good life? A good life is a life filled with opportunities. Those opportunities could be franchised easily just with a step forward saying “hey this is what I want to do in my life and I’m sticking to it. If someone gave me the opportunity to get paid a 1 million dollar salary versus being at your home town in a McDonald's flipping burgers with minimum wage, I would probably take it. Living a good life also takes steps with responsibility. Put priority in front of you before yourself. Doing so will give you pride in your life knowing from right and wrong. Happiness is the most efficient part of a good life. If you’re happy you have for filled a good life.

Mercedes said...

What is a good life?
A good life is being able to have a bad day and know that when you go home, someone is there to comfort you. A good life is having friends that are always willing to drop what they’re doing to come hang out with you. Showing up to class ready to take a test with a positive attitude, even though you have no idea what’s going on, having a job I love and working with people I adore, and the ability to go out and do things with my mom trusting every decision I make is just some of the things that make my life great. Although it’s not just doing things for me that make my life wonderful, it’s the satisfaction I get by doing things for others that make my life worth living. A good life is going on vacation and bringing back more that gifts, but memories. Just being me, myself, is a good life. The power to choose what I want, to be able to have freedom, to even have money to buy those shoes I’ve been longing to get is a good life. A good life can even be something as simple as being open minded and ready to do and try anything, being adventurous. A good life is one I live everyday, being with my friends who love me for me, hanging out with my brother and sister, and surrounding myself with people who make me who I am today is a great life. Life is what you make it, so make it an exciting one.
Mercedes 18 Medina High

Alex Rini said...

A Good Life
By: Alex Rini
I think a simple life is a good life. Although I use the word simple, I do not mean boring and lousing through. When I’m eighty, I want to look back on the highlights and think of the people I got to share my memorize with. A quote that stuck with me was, “you only live once but if you do it right once is enough.”
I honestly couldn’t ask for a better place to live than right here in Medina, Ohio. I know it’s a small town and nothing terrific happens here, but it’s become a special place to me. This is where my family and all my friends live, that’s all I need. I am blessed with the family I have, they support me with everything and I think a good life starts with your loving, supporting family. Applying to colleges now hoping my grades are good enough to get into the school I want is most important to me at this point.
For me, a good life would be getting into a desirable school so I can get the brilliant education to land some kind of dream job. I hope to have a family with a couple of rug-rats running around and maybe a cat because I love cats. The house I would own doesn’t need to be a mansion, money is an important factor in life but it’s not the most significant thing. I hope to get to travel to other countries, experience different cultures and meet new people. I’m on this planet once and I want to see more than just corn fields in Ohio. When I do travel to these exotic places like Rome and Paris I hope to get to share these memorize with my family and friends because that’s what I would consider most important in life, the loving people around me. I want to rest in peace knowing that living once was good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

What is good life?
What a great question. Everyone wants it but nobody exactly knows how to get it. Good life is big concept and it is different to everybody. Someone needs nothing but love and family when the other one wants money, power and respect.

There are some things in the world which make life easier and so can help creating good life. The first thing is family and friends. Who could live without anyone to talk and to trust? I could not. Also hobbies that inspires you are important, because they give a mention for life. For example to me music is the thing I cannot live without.

Saying tells that money do not bring happiness. I agree wiht it but no one can deny that money makes life so much easier. You cannot enjoy life if everything that is in your mind is how to pay the rent of this month or how to buy food and clothes. Also one significant thing in life is health. Usually people cannot appreciate health before they or some close person of them got sick. But health is not foregone conclusion.
After all, the most important thing in good life is to appreciate little things what you don't even think every day. Home, friends, family, education, and also suitably money. This is what good life is made of.

Fanni Kaltakari 11D,218 words

Anonymous said...

What is good life?

It is a very good question, not so easy to answer though.
We shall start from the beginning then. People reproduce, and create a new life.
That small piece of life eventually grows into a small child.
To have a happy and fulfilling life later on, you must have caring parents to create a foundation of that very life that has the chance to become good.

Life is obviously full of surprises and crises, both bad and good ones.
So what possibly could make life worth the trouble of living it?
I think it pretty much has to be good in order to keep the people motivated.

It is the little things that make your day and life go smoothly.
For example; when there is a nice hot meal waiting for you to come home after a long and hard day in school with a new episode of Dexter to watch while eating your delicious meal, you can say you’re living a good life.

That, I believe, should be the moment when you realize you're living the Finnish dream.
So to put it briefly, good life requires having loving parents, daily needs such as hunger and sleep being satisfied, and finally something to deluge your focus on for the rest of the day.

- 217 words written by Nicolas Mäkelä -

Anonymous said...

What is a good life?

Everybody has their own opinion about what is a good life. But for me good life is that I have supportive and loving family and friends and that they are happy and healthy. And for me it is also important that I am healthy and happy.
For me good life is also that I have hobbies which keep me active and I can forget every stressful thing what is on my mind. I would like to achieve something in my life that would provide a good life for my own children as I have now
I think life is like a rollercoaster of ups and downs which makes life more exciting. Life must not be too perfect, otherwise it will be too boring. People should not take their life too seriously as Elbert Hubbard said “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”
Some day in the future I want to wake up and think that I had a pretty good life.
words 168
Ella- Sofia Finnberg

Mario Martinez said...

What is a good life?

Is a good life a life full of wealth? Or is it a life full of happiness? To me, there are numerous ways to live the “good life”. Yes, wealth can make living a good life much easier, but in the end it’s about being happy. Happiness experienced over and over again is essential to living a good life. However, hardship is good every once in awhile. This adversity will allow you to appreciate the happiness that you experienced earlier and will make you work harder to achieve this joy again. It’s the small things in life that make this happen, not some fancy delicacy. And if you’re content with what you have and you don’t mourn over what you don’t have, you will be much more stress-free and cheerful. Greediness is your enemy and your downfall. In addition, a life full of purpose is the best life. Pursuing your dreams and doing what you love will lead to pleasure and satisfaction. It’s mainly about how you view life and the direction you lead your life in. No matter what path you choose, nothing beats the feeling of waking up with a smile on your face each and every day. It doesn’t matter what makes you smile, as long as you’re doing something you love. That’s what life is all about.

Mario Martinez – 226 words

Hunter Patneau- Medina Ohio said...

What is a good life?
The purpose of life is a life of purpose. – Robert Byrne
Many people search their whole lives for a purpose. When we find something to strive for, to live for, we drift towards happiness. Finding that thing you love, that spark that drives you will give you a greater fulfillment than anything else. This is what leads to a good life, finding your purpose, but losing your fear is just as important. If we are too afraid to take a chance we will never live a life we find enjoyable. If we are to truly live a good life we must lose our fear and go out and find that purpose that will give our lives meaning.

Jake Patterson said...

What is a good life?
That question is asking you to define a “good life”. Many people would say a good life is a happy life, which leads to more loose definitions. In my eyes, loose definitions means you can make your own answer. If you feel as though your life is not good or you are unhappy then change your definition of a good life and what happy is.
I believe happiness is found in the present and in the small moments of life. A good life is like a painting that takes years to perfect, it’s painted by little splashes over years and years. You don’t really know what you’re painting throughout your life but if you go moment by moment, splash by splash your painting will slowly start to take shape. Everyone's paintings take on different shapes, sizes, and colors. For example, many people go into college and change their major several times because they misinterpreted what makes them happy, and as they continue to figure out what makes them happy and who they are they get find their true major. So its important to live life in the moments and not in the future because life is defined for every person one day at a time.
A good life is one where you have defined happiness and know what makes your life a good life. Life is meant to be simple and happy, when life becomes simple and happy then life is good.

Jake, from Medina Ohio, 18 years old.

Sean Masters said...

What is a good life?!

To me, a good life is simply enjoying the things that you have. Not everyone is born into good living conditions and a stable family so it’s hard for them to enjoy things that they don’t even have. Yet, when these people achieve certain goals they learn to cherish them and be grateful for the opportunity they are given.

In life, people are faced with diversity on a daily basis. Yet you can never really tell when people are facing a rough time because they are able to cover it with such a bright smile. Although at the same time someone could have already achieved inner happiness but just never show it on the outside. Happiness isn’t what people see it’s what you feel. If you achieve this then you can easily live a good life.

You can be the wealthiest person in the world but not live a good life. Money and power does not promote a good life. A lower income or middle class person could be satisfied with a solid family, great community and live a good life. Whereas a rich businessman who lives in a mansion in California could be living a hopeless life because all he has is his money.

Either way no matter what someone does with their life the key is to enjoy every waking moment. Cherish the young and naïve childhood everyone should live and when you’re older hold onto those same childish aspects you held as a kid. Living a good life is enjoying everyday like its your last and never taking life too seriously because in the end no one makes it out alive.

Sean Masters (279 Words)

Andrew Shea said...

So many people seem to declare happiness as the meaning of life, as the goal all human beings should seek to attain during their time on Earth. Much of today's population attempts to rid their life of negatives and strives for a reality of perfectness. There's this notion that a life of amusement is one that should be an objective, or aspiration for all people. This is society's misperception resulting from a pleasure seeking world, which is an actuality all across the globe. There's no true value in a utopian and perfect life. Happiness merely exists as a result of an understanding of what unhappiness is on an emotional level. From this stems an appreciation for the good times in one's life. It's the rainy days that make the sunny days breathtaking. The lows that make the highs so great.

If someone forages for ecstasy then a true joy remains unrealized. Happiness doesn't stay with someone forever. It comes and goes with the minutes, hours, days, and years of a person's life. True contentment is an inner peace which one possesses regardless of the inherent ups and downs of human life. Joy is an unchanging fulfillment one has in the face of the peaks and valleys of their existence. A person who has found joy doesn't always have a smile on their face, rather they hold a peace of mind despite the fact that its not always blue skies. When contentment is found, the sadness, depression, and unhappiness all become endurable. Euphoria and pleasure are not necessary to live a fulfilled life. Fulfillment is not happiness because happiness isn't forever. A true inner peace and joy is something which is a constant in one's ever changing life.

Anonymous said...

What is good life?
The definition of a good life is different to everyone; it’s all a matter of perspective. Each person is going to want to have different things involved in their lives. Some would prefer to have money, some music, nature and some people would simply like to be left alone. Each person spends their live trying to achieve a good life though. Some people are unable to achieve this so they turn to other things that would help them have a good life, however these normally don’t help them achieve what they want.
There are many things that will factor into someone’s life to make it a good life. For me, things that lead me to have a good life are music, being active, and having good social relationships. I have a good life because I am able to have all of these factors every day. I don’t see the desire for a good life ending there though. People need things that they think unimportant until they are taken away. These things consist of food, safety and security. It is sometimes difficult to help other people achieve a good life, because it is impossible to determine what that person would want in their life.

Billy Mainwaring

Sam Scribner said...

What is a good life?
Everyone has their own opinion of what a good life is. This opinion varies based on differences among people like how they were brought up, their ethnic background, or their values. In my opinion, a good life is just being content with all aspects of my life. It doesn’t mean that I live in a perfect world. I believe that you need to suffer through hard times to appreciate the good. If all I had was good times then those good times would have less value and bring me less joy. I also believe that a good life means not having many worries. No one should have to wonder when they are going to have their next meal or where they are going to sleep for the night.
Having a good life is also what you make of it. Someone could have everything a person could want but still be unhappy. Therefore, they would not consider their life good. A good life is more than just having a job or material objects. Having these things does not necessarily make someone happy. In order to have a good life one has to be accepting of everything in their life, good or bad, and not dwell on the bad.

Anonymous said...

What is a good life?
A good life is where one can experience the pains and pleasures of the world and leave behind a legacy for all to remember. Life is full of good and bad, and to appreciate life, you have to feel both. We all want to be remembered and to have impacted the world in some way.

A good life is where one can be a child, a teenager, an adult, a parent, a grandparent. Life is growth, learning and feeling change. One of the most fantastic things this world has to offer is the chance to learn what its like to be old and young, to be a son and a father, a daughter and a mother.

A good life is one you can share with family and friends. Happiness is something that isn’t lost when shared; rather it grows from person to person. When your life is full of people you love, your life gains purpose and merriment. Seeing the creativity of others and showing your imagination to them is what makes life colorful and grand.

Zachary Parsons

Dean McNeil said...

Each person would define a good life based on what is important to them. For me, a good life wouldn’t be based on money, possessions, or fame. My definition of a good life is making the most of my opportunities and trying to impact other people’s lives as well. I want to experience things that a normal person wouldn’t. If I had an opportunity to go to a foreign country, or maybe go to the FIFA World Cup, I would jump on it in an instant. When I am at the end of my life and have a chance to reflect on the life I lived, I don’t want to have any regrets. If I could look back on my life and know that I made the most of every opportunity I was given, I would be satisfied. I also would want to know that I made a difference on someone else’s life when I had the chance. If someone I knew was going through a rough time and I helped them, and made a difference, then I would feel good about myself. When I look back on my life, if I know that I impacted other people’s lives then I will be confident that I lived a pretty good life.

Brandon F said...

I believe that we as living beings cannot define a standard for "Good Life". What I think is good about life, in fact great, is that each of us is different and unique, and that the idea of a good life is likewise for each of us individually.
I believe that each person is created intentionally and with a specific purpose in life, and when we find that purpose, we truly come alive, and all the things in life that we would define as good, naturally fall into place. Having something that we are good at and enjoy connects us to ourselves and also to others in a deep way that enriches our lives and brings fulfillment. In this way, good life comes from within us and our perceptions of the circumstances of our lives, and for this reason, clearly defining a good life can only be done by each person individually.

Kylie E. said...

Life is something that no one should ever take for granted. That in itself should make life good. Life is special and it is your own. You should be able to live the life that you want to and make your own classification of a good life. I feel as though that if you have the basic necessities-food, water, shelter, and clothing- you have a better life than a lot of other people in this world. A good life is when you dream of things bigger than what you think you can achieve, because if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.
Everyone is going to have a different opinion of a good life, and that’s okay! That is what makes everyone different from one another. If everyone had the same thought as to what a good life should be, or what a good life is, then there would be no differentiation in the world and we would be walking around like zombies.
I think as long as you have those basic needs under your belt, you have the ability to live your life any way that you want to. But no matter what you define a good life as, the world is full of opportunities and if you have them, you should take advantage of them and fulfill that definition you created for yourself.

Kristyn Lee said...

What does it mean to have a good life? The answer to this question, if there really is an answer, varies from person to person, and culture to culture. What one person defines a good life as, another might disagree with. But that is how the world is. It does not matter if many people disagree about the definition of a good life, because a good life is different for everyone.
To an American, living the “American Dream” can be the basis of a good life for many citizens, but they can still be unhappy with their lives. Having the ability to study any subject in college and go into a job of your choosing does not mean that you will have a happy life. Instead, one needs to be happy with what they have. They must take the bad events in life and consider what good it might bring them in the future and they must consider all the positive events that happen and ponder how the outcome will affect their life.
In the end, having a good life will have a different meaning to students in Medina, to students in Finland, to students in Tanzania. Even though our definitions of a good life will vary, it does not make one person wrong. Each one of us will have a different meaning, and that is what makes a good life “good” to the individual.

Hannah Teske said...

We all strive to have a good life. We want things to be perfect, to have the perfect house, perfect friends, and a perfect family. Is a perfect life the same thing as a good life though? You can try all you want to have a perfect life but it is never going to happen because nobody’s perfect. We can try to have a good life and be successful about it. We can do this by being content with what we have, not having unrealistic expectations for the ones we love, and by making the most of every day. A good life also depends on who or what you are living for. If you are living your life trying to please other people you will never be happy and if you are living for yourself and being selfish you will never be happy either. We are always going to have bad times in our life that will challenge who we are and we can choose to be either positive or negative about it. The people who stay positive even in the midst of hard times are the ones who would say they are living a good life. I know I have a good life and I am thankful for the people in my life. I believe we all can have a good life if we just remember to count our blessings.

Emily McMahan said...

What is a good life?

A "good life" can’t be given a single definition. Each person has their own opinion of a good life. Your good life could be different from my good life. However, I believe each good life consists of a few elements: peace, love, and happiness. As generic as that may sound, I believe each of those three elements are key in having a good life. However, like the concept of a good life can change depending on who you are, those three things may take a different form for different people.

There are three definitions of peace: freedom from war, or the time when a war or conflict ends, tranquillity: a calm and quiet state, free from disturbances or noise, or mental calm: a state of mental calm and serenity, with no anxiety. All three definitions refer to being free: free from war, free from disturbances, free from anxiety. To have a good life, I believe one must be free from the things that cause them to worry.

Love also has three definitions: to feel tender affection for somebody or for something such as a place, an ideal, or an animal, to feel romantic and sexual desire and longing for somebody, or  to like something, or doing something very much. Everyone loves something, no matter who you are, or where you come from. Having a passion for something or someone gives people something to live for, and having something to live for gives meaning to life.

The final concept I believe is important to having a good life is happiness. Happiness has one definition: a state of well being or contentment, joy. One must have joy in their life to consider it to be a good life. One must be happy to have a good life.

You may not always feel free of worry, or happy, or loved, because sometimes that’s just how life is. But as long as you live your life trying to be at peace, happy, and you have a love for something that gives your life meaning: that is a good life.

Anonymous said...

What is a good life?
A good life has a plethora of meanings. To me, it means that we have the ability to make our own free decisions. I am in control of my own life. We surround ourselves with those that truly have meaning to us. Our friends and family exemplify the values we hold most dear, such as political views, music, even entertainment values. The list is endless. Finding true contentment is the key to a good life. That is, feeling that we have made a difference or feeling good about what we have done. Whether it is a job that we actually want to wake up in the morning for, a hobby, or even that one special someone, the decisions we all make can affect the outcome of life. Sometimes, we have to be the inspiration. Be the one to make the best situation out of nothing or unfavorable circumstances. Finding true happiness can help someone be that.
My favorite saying is, “Nothing in life that is worth having comes easy”! We can’t just expect a good, happy life to fall into our laps; we need to work hard to achieve it. If we don’t put in any effort to make the best of a situation, what all will come out of it?
When it comes to life, people “get out what you put in”, but I disagree. I believe we get more out of life than what we put in. If everyone puts in the effort to have a good life, then that is what they will get. But the experience will be better than imagined.
Finding contentment in oneself can lead to change in ones own outlook on the world, and even others.

Brandon Mullen

Allyson Novak said...

What is a good life?
I think a good life is something we all should try to achieve. A lot of people don’t realize that you only live once and you should live your life to the fullest. Not only to impact the lives of others but yourself as well. A good life doesn’t matter how far you exceed but how much you love and care for your family and friends. Maybe you’re rich or you’re poor but either way that should not matter. What matters is who is around you and how hard you have tried in life. Don’t do something you don’t love to do. Life is too short to go to work everyday with a negative attitude. If you want to achieve something that seems impossible keep on trying and never give up. Why waste your life on something you hate to do? Be a good citizen in your country, follow the rules, and try not to get into trouble. If you have a misfortunate event occur in your life, sure it might take a long time for you to heal but move on. If you don’t move on your life will be depressing. Living with regrets in the past will only give you a negative future. Just remember in order to have a good life live it to the fullest, don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams, and love and don’t stay mad at anyone because you will regret it in the end.

Michelle Hodges said...

What is a good life? That’s one of those questions that everyone thinks about, but no one has a definite answer for. I believe that good and bad lives are judged by where you come from in the world, what country you live in, and what city you’re from. There is no “norm” for a good life. However, I would contradict myself in saying that I believe I myself live a good life. I think that in every different society across the globe, the general population strives for perfection, wealth, and happiness. Yet those things are things that can’t necessarily be achieved by everyone.
There is no perfect life, perfection isn’t even a word that should exist, because really what is perfect? No one is perfect, we all have imperfections, but when we learn to accept those imperfections and better ourselves off of them, we start the journey to living our good life. You can not possibly live mourning how imperfect you are, being imperfect is what makes you so fascinating, what makes your life so great. Branching off those imperfections is why some people make more money than others.
It is definitely safe to say that almost every person in this world strives to have a great amount of wealth, or at least enough wealth to get them by, give them the necessities. However, money doesn’t equal happiness. Some people aren’t able to make a large amount of money, and more often times than not those are the people that love their lives, and would say without hesitation that they are living a good life.
But when it all comes down to it, people like to say that all they need from life is to be happy. But what is being happy? It is not possible to be happy all the time, there are things in life that get you down, and sometimes it is really hard to get up. So how do you teach yourself to endure those things? You find true joy in life. The joy of living, the joy of paying attention to the little things, and finer details of life, and the joy of the possessions and things that you do have in your life, not wanting what you don’t have. Once you find joy in those things, happiness is just around the corner, and after happiness and complete joy is found, it becomes easy to endure the negative details of life. Once you’re able to endure those things, you learn that you have a good life despite whatever you’re going through at that time, you are living.

Anonymous said...

Having a good life is important to all of us. We each have our own interruption of what is a good life. Some people, it is starting a business and seeing it grow and blossom into a massive international corporation. To a few, it is becoming famous and seeing their names in lights. While others just what to live in the moment and experience life to fullest.
For me a good life is one that is filled with love and happiness. Surrounding myself with my family and friends, that I truly care about and keeping a positive outlook on life even in the hardest of times would truly be a blessing.
I hope to have a career that I look forward to going to ever morning. One that allows me to be creative and expressive every day. I would get great satisfaction from leading a team, building up people and accomplishing goals. Achieving this would be a great accomplishment of mine.
In order to have a good life, I do not necessarily need millions of dollars, but it is important to me to have enough to live comfortably and support my family. Being able to afford a house and a vehicle, not having to worry if I will have enough money to pay bills, being able to send my children to a good college, have some money that I can spend on entertainment and being able to put a great deal of my earnings into a savings account would lead to a comfortable life.
However, nothing in life comes free. In order to achieve our goals we must have a good work-life-balance. Do I go into the office on Saturday to finish a project or attend my little girl's soccer game? Do I work twelve hours days and barely see my family? Do I choose to travel for work? As we make these decisions they will define our priorities in what kind of life we choose to live.
Different things make people happy, not everyone is the same. It is the differences that make life fun and interesting. A journey, for all of us.

Austin Ochoa Webb

Sam Trapp said...

What is a good life?
A good life is an individual’s perception of enjoyment, fulfillment, and ultimately happiness. Regardless of the actual physical situation of anyone, as long as they are happy, they are living a good life. As onlookers, we are not qualified to judge or obligated to change the lives of those around us unless they are unhappy. Some commonalities of a good life include social interaction, mental and physical stimulation and activity, choice, motivation, and personal reflection. While these components are often found in “good lives,” the determination of whether a life is good or not still remains with the individual, as an unconscious autonomous decision. Since a good life is something present around the world, it must be defined with universal means. The only feasible way of accomplishing this is to leave the measure of a good life to individual perception and not have it judged by another. Essentially, since everyone has their own values, motives, and goals, individual happiness can be the only way to determine whether a good life is present, and the only person who can judge happiness and satisfaction is the acting person.

Anonymous said...

What is good life?

In the world there are many different points of views about what is good life. Some might think that having money makes a good life and others believe in more simple things. In my opinion a happy life is a good life and I appreciate the people who can make the most of their lifes with only the smallest things almost without any money or anything else materialistic. I know that I have lived a good life when I am old and I have something to look back to and be proud of. Those can be things like family and friends and to now that I have accomplished something meaningful.

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Vilma Mämmelä

kamran said...

I am keeping it short.

"A good life is the one in which others are happy due to you."