Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The students of Haukipudas wanted to share their wealth and donated 800€ for new hard drives to our partner school in Dar es Salaam in the last school year. They worked for a day and gave their salary for a campaign organized by the student council. They will continue assisting Jangwani Secondary School in the future too. The next task is to establish an Internet connection for the use of students there.

Our students wanted to carry on with our long-lasting tradition of assisting students in need. This time they wanted to help their peer in Tanzania. Jangwani chose a student, a disabled orphan, who needed assistance and our students donated small sums of money from their own pockets to sponsor this girl. In May 2010 I was happy to transfer over 270€ to be used for her education.

Thanks to the UNESCO office in Tanzania and Ms Modester Mwinula in particular, we can be assured the money will be put in good use.

-by AMO