Sunday, October 26, 2008

UN Millenium Goal Poetry Competition

By Tiina Mustakangas

The students of Haukipudas High School have been writing poems on UN Millenium Goals in their English Culture Course for some time now. The artistic talent and the touching contents of the poems have surprised their English teachers. It isn't easy to write a good poem in a foreign language, but our students succeeded very well.

Before leaving to our fall break in October, a jury of 14 students and a jury of English teachers read through all the poems (on the poetry section of our website), and voted on the best ones.
The winner of the poetry competition was unanimously Siiri Jänkälä who wrote the following poem:

There are bones in Africa that need flesh
What about water which is fresh?

It's horrible when reality hits
What have they done to deserve this?

Instead of all that sorrow
You can always dream of a better tomorrow

Congratulations Siiri!


Jenni and Alina said...

The poem was made very skillfully and really makes us think the situation in (for examble) Africa.

Essi T said...

I think, that pomen was very good and made skillfully. We should give all help we can give to developing countrys!

Mikko V said...

wow! What a poem! It was touching
and told realistically about the situation of Africa. Furthermore ends of the lines rhymed well. She could be a professional lyricist.