Sunday, September 14, 2008

Haapajärvi High School joins our school network

Haapajärvi High School has become a new partner in our school’s Tanzania network. The meeting between the teachers of Haukipudas and Haapajärvi High Schools was held at the UNESCO ASP schools’ meeting in Jyväskylä this weekend.

The English teacher, Marja Iskanius, has been in charge of the Haapajärvi High School’s projects to Africa since 2002. The first project involved 26 high school students, and it consisted of sending medical equipment to the local hospital, as well as a two-week field trip to the friendship school in Namibia.

This year Marja will be taking a group of 20 students to their two friendship schools, Korongoni School and Machame Girls’ School, in Moshi, North Tanzania. Together with the local charity organizations, Haapajärvi High School has provided their African friends with a school building, electricity, as well as computers, faxes and printers. The students have also been working hard to collect money for their 10-days’ trip to Tanzania for two years now. The departure day, 16th October, is getting close, and the students, together with their teacher, are very busy with their final preparations for the trip.

The projects in Haapajärvi are excellent examples of a successful co-operation between Finnish and Tanzanian high schools, and serve as the best possible model for Haukipudas High School which is looking for new ways to get students more involved in its project in Tanzania.

This websight will serve as the first contact forum for our schools’ network. Students from Haapajärvi High School are welcome to join our earlier discussions on the UN Millenium Goals, as well as the Tanzania project of Haukipudas High School. We are looking forward to reading your opinions and comments, and hope our friends in Medina High School in Ohio will join us, and get to know the students in Haapajärvi, too.

On the 9th December, The national day of Tanzania, Haukipudas High School has a special program in which the English teacher Marja Iskanius together with her "Tanzania group", will come and tell our school about the different phases of their project, as well as all the exciting and memorable experiences they had on their trip in Africa.

More information about the project and the trip on:

By Tiina Mustakangas


Anonymous said...

Hey! It is really nice to get some new schools and faces along with us to join our tanzania project. I'm actually quite jealous to Haapajärvi school, but I'm too busy now to visit Africa so have a nige voyage!

by Joel Eriksson

Anonymous said...

Hello! I think it is very nice that Finnsh schools co-operate in projects like this. And the more schools participate the better.

By Markus Saari

Anonymous said...

WOW! Haapajärvi high school has a done a lot for helping the people in Africa. A trip to Africa would be amazing, but it also costs lot money. I hope your field trip will be successful and you will see how the things are in Africa. I am also interested to hear the phases of this project.
By: Niko Karonen

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think it is really good to give some old machines in Tanzania, because they haven't those kind of machines and we don't need those anymore.

by Niina Hekkanen

Juhani Pätsi said...

Wow, it certainly seems to me like we are way behind Haapajärvi High School in this one, so there's a lot of catching up to do. Still, the more the merrier!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I think it's grate what the people in Haapajärvi are doing in Tanzania. I would like to visit Tanzania my self, just to see what it's like. I am also looking forward to hearing what kind of experiences you had over there. Have a nice trip in Tanzania!

Henri Posio

Anonymous said...

The trip sounds cool! It will offer a great opportunity for students - in Finlad and in Tanzania.
Anyway, it's important to get as many countries as possible to work together.

Noora Määttä

Anonymous said...

It is great that Finnish students get chance to visit in Tanzania. I am sure that their trip is very interesting and each of them learn something new! Different cultures and people are always fascinating and it is nice that somebody manage to forward this project!

Elviira Kivimäki

Anonymous said...

It is great to be in this project and help Tanzanians school.
And it is nice to see differents peoples in our school.
It would be very nice to visited in tanzania, but I don´t have a time now. But maybe sometimes.

by Jutta Halonen

Anonymous said...

Hello! It is great that schools in Finland helping the people in Africa. I am sure that a trip will be successful.

By: Essi Savilaakso

Sami Huuskonen said...

Your journey to Tansania will be so awesome. It's great that you care about these people. Hopefully more schools will join this program creating lifelong bonds between us and them.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I think it is very cool that other schools come also in Tanzania project. I think that would be nice to go visit in Tanzania and then we would see what is kive in there.

by Jani Karjalainen

Anonymous said...

Hey! I think it's very cool that Finnish schools are doing something for the people in Tanzania. That's just great! It would be nice to go to Tanzania, but maybe next time.

by Joni Lalli

Anonymous said...

Hey! It’s a good thing that we have this kind of international project going on and Haukipudas High School is looking for new ways to get us students more involved..:) I didn’t even know this kind of forum existed! I really look forward to 9th December when the “Tanzania group” will come to our school to tell about their experiences.:)

by Hanna-Kaisa Tohila

Anonymous said...

Having a one school more in this project is nothing but positive.
It’s great to see people care and appreciate what we are trying to do and want to take part in it.
Who knows if we come up with more effective ways to help, and more people will join us.

By Henna Koskela

Anonymous said...

By projects like this one, more and more people actually get to know about the situation in Africa, which is important in order to make a difference. Have a nice trip to Tanzania, Haapajärvi school!
Helmi Virtanen

Anonymous said...

Hello! It's great that some other schools have also participated in this project. I woud like to go to a field trip too, but sadly we don't have oppoturnity to do that. Have a nice trip and enjoy your days in Tanzania!

-Sanna Åman-

Anonymous said...

Well it seems they have achieved a lot in Haapajärvi High School also. It is really nice to get more people to work for helping the national work between schools. Surely we will get alot done when working with each other.

by Jaakko Siurua

Anonymous said...

Hi! i think it is more than a good thing that people are interested to help people and go forward with this network. keep the flag on top!

by Reetta Hellgren

Anonymous said...

Hi! It is great that another school is involved in this Tanzania-project. With more schools more good things are done.

by Minna Torro

Anonymous said...

Jambo, greetings from Haapajärvi! It's really nice to see that you are so interested in our trip to Tanzania. We have waited this for two years and now there's only three days to go. We're so excited! We'll be happy to share our experiences with you.

You can visit our website and get more information about our trip.


-Tanzania group (aka Jamboryhmä) from Haapajärvi