Friday, March 21, 2008

Bags arrived in Tanzania!

A while ago we received a message from Tanzania: the packages we sent to our partner school in Dar es Salaam had arrived. Let´s hope the items are of use.

Our own community, the town of Haukipudas, knows of our project as well since a local newspaper Rantapohja published an article of our cooperation. The Red Cross was also involved and covered a part of the postage costs.

Phase two of our campaign is already under way, too. Hopefully we are able to get a lot of donations to Mkapa High School. It will take a while, however, before there´s enough computers and money to take action and rent a container. We´ll try and keep the wheels turning...

- by Anja Moilanen


Anonymous said...

By Laura Mämmelä, Juha Uusitalo & Johanna Ålander

We were more than happy to give bags and school equipment etc. to our friendship school in Tanzania. In Western countries we can afford to give up some stuff we no longer need and by doing that we have the honour to make unprivileged people happy.

Anonymous said...

By Pirita & Reetta Hellgren

We think that charity collection is a good thing to improve their school motivation and we get a happy feeling about helping them.

Anonymous said...

By Reetta Kärkkäinen

I believe that those computers, school bags and cell phones are helping students in our friendship school, but I still wonder whether we would be able to do something even more important for them. Of course also these sorts of things are of great help so this habit should definitely be continued.

Anonymous said...

By Ville Ahtinen

I'm fascinated by Tanzania because the culture there is so different compared to ours. Tanzania is a developing country that doesn’t have all the basic supplies that people need for surviving these days. Different cultures and ethnicity fascinates me a lot. Their lifestyle in Tanzania is so different from ours.

I would hope that we could find same aged pen pals from Tanzania and the best option would be that our upper secondary school would organize a trip to Tanzania. Our co-operation now is mostly based on charity work we are doing, but that's a good start. It’s good that we can help people that need help and live in poor conditions. It’s a small loss for us if we give our schoolbag away, but it helps a lot in Tanzania. Educating young people in Tanzania is the most important thing in a country that wants to develop.

I hope that I could travel to Tanzania. It would be a memorable experience that might even change my attitude on life. I would love to meet same aged people than me and find out about the school system there. And the most important thing would be that I would see if the schoolbags/school equipment/telephones etc. are used in Tanzania.

Anonymous said...

We like your culture. We would like to see students from your highschool as exchange students.
So you got the backpacks we sent? We personally donated a few backpacks 2 u. Did ýou see the latest NHL match? It was very nice. When you come here you really should taste ED (Energy Drink). We want to see your native animals, like giraffs and lions.

Greetings from: Henrigue Rigerius Miguelo

Anonymous said...

We have always been fascinated by the variety of African nature and wild animals. We hope that some day we can visit Africa on our own, and get to know some local people. We would also like to know more about the local culture and language in Tanzania, and we would like to know about the studying methods in Tanzania. For example, we could visit Mkapa high School and spend time with the students. In our opinion, charity fundraisings are a really good thing. Not only for the students in Mkapa high School but also for us, because we get the pleasure of helping other people. If we had a chance to visit Africa, we would use it and get some great experiences that we could remember when we are old men. It would be a very nice surprise, if a group of students from Mkapa high School could visit our school.

By: Jani Alho and Kasper Åman

Anonymous said...

We are interested in African culture. We do not know much about of African culture but we would like to have more information. It would be nice if all students could visit Tanzania but we know that it is impossible.
It would be nice to have a pen pal from our friendship school in Tanzania. Charitable fundraising is a very important because people in Africa are needier compared to us. If we would have an opportunity to visit Tanzania we hope that we could explore the school and lessons. We could imagine doing voluntary work because it is good way to help people in need.

by: Pirita, Jenni ja Hanna

Anonymous said...

by Mikko Hietalahti and Sami Hautajärvi

It would be nice to have pen pals from Tanzania and especially from Benjamin William MKapa high school. It would be easier to use e-mail, because it’s a much faster way to send messages to each other. Of course, sending letters via post is more old-fashioned, but it isn’t free and so fast as e-mail. Also letters may disappear in post. With pen pals we could also communicate and that would bring Tanzanian students closer to us.

We also like the idea of some Tanzanian students coming and visiting Haukipudas for a week or two once a year. Some of our students could also visit Tanzania. It would also bring our schools closer to each other.

If we went to Tanzania we would like to ride elephants and visit school lessons in MKapa high school to see how those differ from our lessons.

Anonymous said...

by Iina Hautala

It is great that we can help students in Tanzania by sending school bags, school equipment, cell phones and computers. I think they are very useful there. We can send them stuff that we do not need but they do. We should continue this kind of collection.

We should have better contact with them but it is quite difficult because they do not have so much computers. It was great to see pictures from their school. I hope they will send more pictures in the future. The students looked happy and hard-working. Their school looked better than I thought.

Pen pals could also be a good option. Then we could learn more about their culture. Their culture is very interesting and exotic. It would be great if some students and teachers of our school could visit there. If I would visit Tanzania, it would change my attitude for life. It would be great to see what the young people do in their free time. I am sure that they would like to come to Finland and see our school, teachers and students.

Anonymous said...

Africa seems to me really exotic and fascinating. The variety of different beliefs and cultures in Africa is amazing. Therefore, I would be pleased to hear more about the African culture. Maybe a class of African culture taught by the pupils of our friendship school would be interesting. As a return service we could tell them a bit about the Finnish culture.
Collecting schoolbags and mobile phones was a good thing. We could get rid of useless (to us, however) stuff and they would get really useful things. That is a win-win situation, isn’t it?
If I was given the opportunity of visiting our friendship school, I would like to see some of the wildest African nature. And real African people, of course. I wonder if they speak English…
Charity work is something that I respect. It’s admirable that some people do something for other people’s well-being. If I had a chance to do charity work, I’d probably do it in Africa. The reason for this is that it’s one of the poorest areas in the world. Additionally, nature and different cultures of Africa are interesting.

- Samuli Pitzén

Anonymous said...

Miia Grekelä & Juuso Heinänen

The charity collections done at our school were very useful and important. We should do more things like that. Volunteer work in Africa also interests both of us.

Tiina and Suvi said...

It`s great that some things which are useless to us can be very useful in Africa. It`s not a big thing to us to give away old stuff, but it makes us happy when we can help in some ways and hopefully it makes them happy in Africa too.