Thursday, February 14, 2008


- by Tiina Mustakangas-Laukka and Anja Moilanen

This year´s senior students did an amazing donation. Instead of giving their teachers the usual funny presents on their last day at school, they donated the following to the third world via World Vision:

- Goats and supplies needed for their care as well as education for poor families in a developing country

- Financial aid for AIDS orphans in order to improve their living conditions and their rights

- Health inspection and vaccinations for 30 children in developing countries as well as information on prevention of illnesses and their treatment

- Water pipes in order to get clean drinking water for close to 30.000 inhabitants of Meibek in Kenya

As a whole the atmosphere of the school leaving party was exceptionally warm. All teachers were impressed by the students´ mature and compassionate farewell gift.


Reetta said...

I was impressed by the senior students’ behaviour! It was an evidence of students’ sense and how they are able to consider others. I really amazed everything what they donated to the other world and the same time I was worried about next year and my last day at school because I hope that my class figure something as fantastic as the donation was.

-Reetta Hellgren

amo said...

According to the blog “Third year students’ awesome farewell gift” on, I strongly believe that the gift offered from the 3rd grade students to the teachers was a beautiful thing to do. I have also heard that this is the first time that this kind of present has been given, so that makes it even more special. It is fabulous to see someone breaking the pattern for a change, instead of joke-gifts, to really give something that means something. Not is it only a nice thought, but it will actually help thousands of underprivileged people in Africa. If everyone did anything like these students, the world would be a better place.
Sincerely, Eirin

amo said...

This year’s senior students` last day presents were really exceptional. In other years the senior students gave funny presents for teachers, but at least the students realised that teachers really do not need anything useless. Money that was previously wasted was now spent more beneficially. Other schools in Finland must follow our students´ action. If all educational establishments did the same, developing countries would get more help.

by Minna

amo said...

I totally agree with teachers Mustakangas-Laukka and Moilanen! The donation that third year students gave this year is a mighty act for all those families and children who will have even a small part of donation. Achievement was a splendid Valentines Day present to the teachers also. I hope that next year, when I am third year student, this kind of donation could happen again. I also know that everyone of us has a dream about better world to live and the real problems are in development countries and they need our help. The donations are the easiest way to help them.
-by Arto Ojala

amo said...

This gift from the third year students was great. I think those funny gifts are usually useless junk and terrible waste of money, but those goats and other supplies are more useful. It is really matter of life and death to some family. Medina high school should also send money to the poor countries. And that money could be taken from the students who have the prom night. They could save a couple of dollars in their suit, make-up or not taking that expensive limo. A couple of goats would make people much happier than nice make-up made by a professional make-up artist.
- By Niko Karonen

Suvi and Tiina said...

It`s great that our students have so great ideas instead of buying some useless things. The gifts that they bought really helps somebody and what`s better that to know you have done something to make the world even a little bit better.